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Travel CEO is a complete Destination management company software which manage your business online without any excel sheet or paper. It has more than 10 wonderful modules such as Travel CRM, Travel account software,Travel invoice,Contacts management & etc., which helps you to take your business to next level. We are proud that Travel CEO is named for the best DMC Software by more than 1,000+ travel industry experts.

DMC Management & Operations Software

  • Create unlimited Travel Leads
  • Unlimited lead storage
  • Automatic customer follow-up
  • Missed lead follow-up Alert
  • Follow-up Quality Score for every lead
  • Total Follow-up Quality Score for employee
  • Track Lead by Status
    • Potential
    • Positive
    • Follow-up
    • New
  • Upcoming lead follow-up alert
  • Store History of lead follow-up
  • Re-assign leads to other employee
  • On-time / Missed Follow-up
  • Daily Lead Report email
  • HOT lead (travel date < 30 days) Alert
  • Lead Report by
    • Employee wise
    • Status wise
    • Destination wise
    • Lead Closure reason report

Buy Leads

  • Buy Leads from USD 1
  • 100% Verified Travel Leads
    • Name Verified
    • Email Verified
    • Contact Number Verified
  • Full control on your Lead purchase
    • Set Daily spending limit
    • Tour Location - Your preference
    • Per Lead Cost - Your own bidding
    • Leads from Your preferred Cities.

Profit Analysis

  • Analyse & focus more on more profitable area
  • Detailed Profit Report
    • Employee wise profit report
    • Tour Destination wise profit report
    • Date range wise profit report.
  • Update NET payable with Due Date
    • Total net payable for the supplier
    • Net Payable breakup for Hotel, Car Rental, Attractions & etc..

Invoice Management

  • Create unlimited Invoices
  • Professional PDF format
  • Update payment on invoice
  • Edit / Delete invoices
  • Email invoices to Customers
  • Invoice Reports

Booking Management

  • Booking Voucher Alert – if not sent
  • Send Booking Voucher in PDF format
  • Email vouchers to Customers
  • Automatically send Local contact number
  • Update payment on Booking
  • Balance Payment alert to customer
  • Add New Services in the existing bookings
  • Reschedule the booking
  • Cancel the booking
  • Overdue Payment alert
  • Booking report

Automatic Email Alert System

  • Lead Management
    • Email to customer at the time of lead creation
    • Email to customer at the time of lead closure
    • Lead report to all employees in the company & Company admin
  • Invoice / Booking Management
    • Balance due date reminder to customer.
    • Payment overdue date reminder to customer.
  • Reminder Emails to customers
    • Send invoice (PDF) to customer by email
    • Cash Receipt email to customer with booking details
    • Send Booking voucher (PDF) to Customer by email
    • Send Trip reschedule email to customer with Revised Invoice (PDF)
    • Send email to Customer at the time of Trip Cancellation
    • Send “Local point of contact” to customer – 5 days prior to the travel date

Amazing Reports

  • Lead Report – Chart System
    • Employee Wise – for every employee
    • Status Vs Employee - for every employee, every status
    • Last 30 Days lead status ( New, Converted, Booked with others, Closed & etc)
    • Follow-up Quality score for every employee
    • Leads by Destination-wise
    • Leads by Tour type wise
    • Leads by enquiry type wise
  • Booking Reports – Chart System
    • Booking report by employee wise
    • Booking report by Month wise
    • Destination wise
    • Tour type wise
    • Enquiry type wise
    • Booking statistics for last 3 months
    • Lead Closure reports

Unlimited Addressbook

  • Automatic addition of B2C customer to Address book (while creating a lead)
  • Automatic addition of B2B Agent details to Address book (while creating a lead)
  • Unlimited contacts storage
  • Establish the connection and Network with your contacts
  • Categories
    • B2C Customers
    • B2B Agents
    • DMC / Supplier
    • Hotel – Sales & Marketing
    • Hotel – Reservation team
    • Industry friends

Permissions To Every Employee

  • Invoice permissions ( Create / Edit / Delete )
  • Bookings Permissions ( Send voucher, Update Payment, Cancel, Reschedule trip)
  • Address Book (View / edit / delete)

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