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Travel CEO is a complete Travel agency software which manage your travel business online and it is 100% cloud based. You can manage your business anywhere from the world. It has more than 10 amazing modules such as Travel CRM, Travel accounts software,Travel invoice,Contacts management & etc., which helps you to take your business to next level. We are proud that Travel CEO is named for the best tour operator Software by more than 1,000+ travel industry experts.

Tour and Travel agency software

  • Create unlimited Travel Leads
  • Unlimited lead storage
  • Automatic customer follow-up
  • Missed lead follow-up Alert
  • Follow-up Quality Score for every lead
  • Total Follow-up Quality Score for employee
  • Track Lead by Status
    • Potential
    • Positive
    • Follow-up
    • New
  • Upcoming lead follow-up alert
  • Store History of lead follow-up
  • Re-assign leads to other employee
  • On-time / Missed Follow-up
  • Daily Lead Report email
  • HOT lead (travel date < 30 days) Alert
  • Lead Report by
    • Employee wise
    • Status wise
    • Destination wise
    • Lead Closure reason report

Buy Leads

  • Buy Leads from USD 1
  • 100% Verified Travel Leads
    • Name Verified
    • Email Verified
    • Contact Number Verified
  • Full control on your Lead purchase
    • Set Daily spending limit
    • Tour Location - Your preference
    • Per Lead Cost - Your own bidding
    • Leads from Your preferred Cities.

Profit Analysis

  • Analyse & focus more on more profitable area
  • Detailed Profit Report
    • Employee wise profit report
    • Tour Destination wise profit report
    • Date range wise profit report.
  • Update NET payable with Due Date
    • Total net payable for the supplier
    • Net Payable breakup for Hotel, Car Rental, Attractions & etc..

Invoice Management

  • Create unlimited Invoices
  • Professional PDF format
  • Update payment on invoice
  • Edit / Delete invoices
  • Email invoices to Customers
  • Invoice Reports

Booking Management

  • Booking Voucher Alert – if not sent
  • Send Booking Voucher in PDF format
  • Email vouchers to Customers
  • Automatically send Local contact number
  • Update payment on Booking
  • Balance Payment alert to customer
  • Add New Services in the existing bookings
  • Reschedule the booking
  • Cancel the booking
  • Overdue Payment alert
  • Booking report

Automatic Email Alert System

  • Lead Management
    • Email to customer at the time of lead creation
    • Email to customer at the time of lead closure
    • Lead report to all employees in the company & Company admin
  • Invoice / Booking Management
    • Balance due date reminder to customer.
    • Payment overdue date reminder to customer.
  • Reminder Emails to customers
    • Send invoice (PDF) to customer by email
    • Cash Receipt email to customer with booking details
    • Send Booking voucher (PDF) to Customer by email
    • Send Trip reschedule email to customer with Revised Invoice (PDF)
    • Send email to Customer at the time of Trip Cancellation
    • Send “Local point of contact” to customer – 5 days prior to the travel date

Amazing Reports

  • Lead Report – Chart System
    • Employee Wise – for every employee
    • Status Vs Employee - for every employee, every status
    • Last 30 Days lead status ( New, Converted, Booked with others, Closed & etc)
    • Follow-up Quality score for every employee
    • Leads by Destination-wise
    • Leads by Tour type wise
    • Leads by enquiry type wise
  • Booking Reports – Chart System
    • Booking report by employee wise
    • Booking report by Month wise
    • Destination wise
    • Tour type wise
    • Enquiry type wise
    • Booking statistics for last 3 months
    • Lead Closure reports

Unlimited Addressbook

  • Automatic addition of B2C customer to Address book (while creating a lead)
  • Automatic addition of B2B Agent details to Address book (while creating a lead)
  • Unlimited contacts storage
  • Establish the connection and Network with your contacts
  • Categories
    • B2C Customers
    • B2B Agents
    • DMC / Supplier
    • Hotel – Sales & Marketing
    • Hotel – Reservation team
    • Industry friends

Permissions To Every Employee

  • Invoice permissions ( Create / Edit / Delete )
  • Bookings Permissions ( Send voucher, Update Payment, Cancel, Reschedule trip)
  • Address Book (View / edit / delete)

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